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Established in 2014, KDS Media Group was founded with a goal of providing top quality marketing and media services to clients across the globe. Based in Israel , KDS Media Group works with clients in a range of different niches and industries. Quite simply, our goal is to exceed your expectations of excellence with marketing solutions that will grow your business, without breaking your budget. Our marketing experts deal in three different areas: video ads, display ads and retargeting ad campaigns. Read on to learn more about our philosophy and approach to each of these service offerings.

Kobi Dan


Omer Rochman


What We Do


In todays media world, video is the most effective way to advertise. We speciallize in video advertising!


Mobile devices are the core of our daily internet use and by far the most entertaining devices.


Old school banners and animationz are still a big part of the internet's advertising.

Cross Platforms

We reach all devices and all platforms. We advertise everywhere.

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